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Fall Foliage With Snow In Colorado's Mountains - October 4, 2009

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Colorado Fall Foliage
An ordinary photo of fall colors among a Colorado aspen grove? Perhaps.

But look closer and you'll notice snow on the ground. That's right - it snowed overnight in the Sawatch Range.

Autumn Foliage In Colorado, there is always the chance of snowfall blanketing our forests and mountains, creating an "autumn vs. winter" effect. This happened on one another outing near Twin Lakes.

I walked on a trail in the forest. So pretty!
Autumn Foliage Looking up at aspens with golden leaves.

Fall Foliage With the positioning of the morning sun, these aspens looked more orange than they actually were... but who cares? Such beautiful fall scenery! :)
My outing brought me to a canyon west of Buena Vista, CO. Both of these photos include one of many avalanche chutes in the area.

Most of the autumn color inside the chute was gone, but I thought it would be nice to show the mountain scenery.

You can see more pages of this canyon which leads to Cottonwood Pass (alt. 12,126 feet) on the Continental Divide:

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  • Snow and small pieces of ice cover parts of the ground. Rusty shaded pine needles and leaves included.
    Colorado Fall Foliage

    Colorado Autumn Foliage

    Eventually the sun came out and while some snow remained, it appeared autumn would win the battle against winter, at least for today.

    Adjacent are two popular spots that are photographed often by fall leaf peepers. This is Chaffee County Road 344 which leads to Cottonwood Lake and travels into South Cottonwood Canyon.

    Colorado Autumn Foliage

    Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, CO.

    Quite a beautiful contrast of yellow and red foliage as I traveled down the canyon near the Cottonwood Hot Springs in Buena Vista. Autumn is hanging on, but the tide will be turning soon. Snow is in the forecast tonight!

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