Autumn Pictures

Fall Colors and Autumn Scenery

Horses October 1, 2011 - Originally I had plans to work on my book on this Saturday, but the weather is far too nice and the autumn colors were too bright to stay inside. Something compelled me to explore those Colorado fall colors!

And so my photo gallery begins with a photo of my neighbor's two horses in Buena Vista, Colorado. Not much autumn color in those cottonwoods, but the horses look beautiful, don't they? :)

Mountain I traveled west toward the mountains where the aspen groves have had a banner year during this fall season.

Adjacent is a picture of Mount Princeton, a towering 14er and landmark for this region. Note all the orange and yellow leaves among the forests out there.

Autumn Colors I traveled up Chaffee County Road 306, and upon seeing those slopes filled with bright aspen leaves, I stopped and explored by foot ...
Beautiful Fall Colors ... The lighting wasn't the greatest, but there was plenty of fall leaves to photograph.
Fall Colors Colorado Large and mature aspen trees sit on the mountain slope. I loved the contrast of bright yellow leaves and red foliage on the ground. My favorite picture!
Colorado Autumn Leaves

Fall Colors

Just a wild and crazy mish-mash of fall colors coming from this large aspen grove.

Wow! I think the second photo (the horizontal one) captures how "busy" the autumn scenery was from this spot.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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A pretty spot in the forest.

A scene stretch of fall foliage on Chaffee County Road 306, located west of Buena Vista.

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