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"October Fall Foliage" - Autumn Photos In Chaffee County, Colorado

Chalk Creek Canyon Ablaze With Fall Colors
Fall Foliage
October 2, 2006 - I spent time inside Chalk Creek Canyon, which is west of Nathrop in Chaffee County. The images in this first section go in chronolgical order as I continued up the mountainous canyon. Here's an image of foliage at the wildlife refuge area.
Chaffee County, Colorado
Not much color in this photo but look at that grand mountain! :)
Chalk Creek Fall Foliage
Just upstream from Cascade Falls, there was pretty foliage on the banks of Chalk Creek.
Colorado Fall Foliage

Aspens Fall Colors
Golden leaves! There are a plethora of aspen groves in this mountain range. If you want to visit this exact location, my directions are easy: Drive west on Chaffee County Road 162 and pull over when the pavement ends. On the left (south) is a healthy and mature aspen grove.

Fall Leaves
I'm so happy with this image. The sun reflected beautifully behind these towering aspens.

Autumn Foliage Trees
Much prettier to the naked eye. Sunlight directly on those aspens.

Oh yes, it is fall colors season in the Rocky Mountains! For much of my wandering, often I stepped on fallen leaves and made that endearing sound of crunched leaves. Autumn is bliss, isn't it? :)

Mount Princeton - Elevation 14198 Feet
Mount Princeton, Colorado
Upon returning to the Arkansas River Valley, I stopped in the small town of Nathrop, Colorado for this amazing view of Mount Princeton. Most of those trees are cottonwoods.

-Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His website is

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