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Autumn Leaves & Foliage (Cottonwood Canyon Near Cottonwood Pass, CO - September 20, 2009)

Autumn Leaves I had been watching NFL football games all afternoon and knew I needed to get out of the house. Yesterday's autumn photography was so plentiful that I could have taken a break, but the fall colors in the mountains were calling.

On my excursion, I initially found myself zooming-in on colorful aspen leaves as seen in the top four photos.

Autumn Leaves I am not much of a macro-photographer, but I thought some of these photos were decent. I love the shades of red in those leaves!
Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaf

Two more semi-creative shots.
Colorado Fall Foliage Now the particular area I visited is sometimes know as Cottonwood Canyon, located west of my town of Buena Vista, Colorado. From my town's valley, this canyon travels approximately twelve miles to Cottonwood Pass (alt. 12,126 feet), a high mountain pass that goes over the Continental Divide.
Colorado Autumn Foliage A little bit of orange in those trees. :)

-Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, CO.

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