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(Photos of Fall Foliage and Leaves Near Aspen, Colorado - October 6, 2010)

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Colorado Fall Foliage
My friend Dave and I went on a fall colors tour in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

This first picture of fall leaves was taken westbound on Highway 82, about two miles west of Twin Lakes, Colorado.

Weller Campground, Colorado The autumn colors were so bright at the Weller Campground (near Aspen, Colorado) that we had to stop.
Colorado Autumn Foliage

Fall Image

Autumn Image

Three photos of yellow and orange foliage as we walked around the campground.

Fall Leaves Because it was a Wednesday morning in October, the road was fairly quiet with little to no vacationing traffic. We walked right on the road with beautiful fall foliage on each side.
Colorado Fall Foliage Look at those beautiful aspens on the left side of the road!
Fall Image

Fall Scenery

We hiked a short distance into the woods.

A large cluster of aspen trees caught my eye. Adjacent are two photos from different angles of the tree trunks and fall scenery.

David Peal

Colorado Mountains

TOP: Special thanks to my friend David Peal, who drove from Colorado Springs to meet me for today's photography excursion.

SECOND: A shot of the mountain scenery. This drive from Twin Lakes to Aspen travels over Independence Pass and is usually rated as one of the most scenic drives in central Colorado. Two years ago, I snapped autumn scenery shots in this area that I invite you to enjoy: Colorado Autumn Photos.

Photos by Steve Garufi.




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