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Fall Foliage Photo Gallery (Lost Canyon Road, CO - September 19, 2009)

Colorado Fall Foliage On A Saturday Morning
Fall Scenery
I traveled up a fairly isolated dirt road in central Colorado. Lost Canyon Road begins in the tiny town of Granite, CO (all year round population: 9) and travels up a forested hillside into a canyon in the Sawatch Range. You can see all of my photos from the excursion here: Lost Canyon Road, CO. On this page are my five best autumn foliage photos for your viewing pleasure.

In the photo directly above, I was very pleased with how the sunlight reflected on those aspens. It looks like a child grabbed a canary yellow crayon and scribbled all over the forest! ;)

Fall Foliage Drive
Just beautiful! Aspens line the road ... and is that a hue of orange out there? :)
Autumn Aspen Grove
Standing in a vast aspen grove and looking up.
Aspen Grove
I know there are prettier places to view colorful foliage, but there is something very special about standing in a peaceful Colorado aspen grove!
Colorado Fall Foliage
A touch of green with bright yellow leaves from aspens. Sigh! My camera did not do this sight much justice.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, CO.

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