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September 22, 2011 - For those of you who live where there is little autumn color, I hope you enjoy my virtual fall colors tour in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. As I did on my two previous fall peeping adventures (here and here), I traveled west from Buena Vista, Colorado in the Sawatch Range.

Adjacent is a decent shot of some beautiful bright yellow aspen leaves.

Bright Fall Foliage Now these three photos were all taken of the same general area, a spot on the roadside with some bright fall foliage.

Now I am not knocking these pictures too much, but I think the video, which captures the sounds and different angles, gives you a fuller experience of these leaves.

Fall Mountain Scenery I walked into this area of aspens and made this ...


Talk about enjoy the autumn leaves and scenery!

Fall Colors In another spot, I hiked into the forest toward the creek that runs through the canyon. Although pretty and peaceful, I didn't spot any decent autumn colors to photograph, but then as I returned to the road, I spotted a number of bright aspens with smaller plants with red foliage.

Unfortunately, my photo didn't do it much service, but my video came out much better ...


There's nothing like yellow aspen leaves shimmering and dangling on a warm autumn day. :)

Vertical Shot
Autumn Foliage Trees
Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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