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Fall Foliage


September 29, 2007 - It was a cloudy Saturday morning, and my friend Ron and I spent time viewing the fall foliage that was at its peak in colors.

First we drove along Chaffee County Road 306, west of Buena Vista, Colorado.

Fall Foliage

Colorado Fall Foliage

Cottonwood Lake, CO

At the turnoff for Cottonwood Lake, there were plenty of opportunities to view bright foliage.

I included my friend Ron in that middle photo. It's a good one!

Aspens Colorful leaves.

Colorado Autumn Foliage
Vicksburg and Winfield

We then traveled inside Clear Creek Canyon in northern Chaffee County. It is a secluded area that leads to the ghost towns of Vicksburg and Winfield.

Vicksburg, Colorado

Vicksburg, Colorado

Vicksburg, Colorado

Vicksburg, in its heyday in the 1880's, once had approximately 600 to 700 residents and was established because of mining activities in the area.

Three pretty fall foliage images.

Colorado Fall Foliage

Fall colors with a snowy mountain in the background.
Colorado Fall Foliage
Aspen groves by the road. Beautiful!
In Winfield, an image of a mountain ridge to the north. I love the combination of white, yellow and orange.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Website:

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