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Colorado Fall Foliage near Twin Lakes, CO and Indepenence Pass (Photos - September 20, 2007)

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Mt. Elbert
Twin Lakes, Colorado
Colorado Fall Foliage
The fall foliage viewing season is approaching its peak time in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. I spent some time along Highway 82 from Twin Lakes all the way up to Independence Pass.

The top photo is the view of Mt. Elbert, the tallest peak in the entire state of Colorado. I also included Twin Lakes (center) and the view of Twin Peaks with splashes of autumn colors and snow at its highest points (bottom). That bottom picture is probably my favorite in this collection!

Colorado Fall Foliage
Yellow Aspens
The same patch of yellow aspens are in the adjacent photos.

I snapped pictures of this very spot and region last year on October 2, 2006, where there was an amazing convergence of snowfall with the autumn leaves at their peak colors. Check out those pictures here: "Fire and Ice" Fall Tour.

Autumn Foliage The entrance to the Twin Peak Campground was really pretty!
Autumn Foliage
Yellow Aspens
More views of mountainsides with large patches of yellow.
Fall Colors This hillside looked much prettier in person.
Red Foliage As I traveled up towards the canyon, I took notice of these bushes showing red foliage.
Independence Pass
Rocky Mountains
Highway 82 leads to Independence Pass, altitiude 12,095 feet, situated on the Continental Divide.

Because of the lack of oxygen, trees generally don't do well at this altitude, but the few leafy plants that do grow up there have turned a rusty red shade. Nice!

-Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His website is

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