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Colorado Fall Foliage

The Peak of Colorado's Fall Colors Season
September 23, 2014 - Today I sought the fall foliage on Lost Canyon Road, a scenic mountain route in Granite, Colorado. The latter half of September is usually when the autumn colors are at their peak in the high country. As you'll see from my photos and videos below, my senses were enthralled by all the color. Get out there and enjoy the fall season!

Colorado Fall Foliage
It was all golden leaves in this aspen grove.

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Lost Canyon Road, Colorado

Colorado Fall Colors

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This was my view of mountains and foliage as I headed into forest on Lost Canyon Road.
Colorado Autumn Foliage Coming closer to the first group of aspens.
Fall Colors Tour Bright foliage, mostly yellow with a few shades of red.
Fall Foliage Colorado The sun broke through intermittently, making those golden leaves shine.
Colorado Fall Foliage One of my favorites from this fall foliage tour.
Aspen Trees Fall Foliage

Aspens Fall Foliage

Looking up at the aspens.

Autumn Road An autumn road.

The fallen leaves make this picture.

Colorado Fall Foliage The aspen tree is the state tree of Colorado.
Autumn Colors A few trees with orange and red foliage.
Fall Colors A peaceful fall scene.
Colorado Fall Scenery Lost Canyon Road climbs up the hillside. At the second major switchback, there is a wonderful overlook with this view.
Colorado Scenery In Autumn One last mountain scene during my return.

Images by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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