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Fall Colors: An Evening In The Mountains (Near Cottonwood Lake, Buena Vista CO in September 17, 2009)

Autumn Foliage Earlier in the day, a friend in Buena Vista, Colorado posted photos online of his visit to this particular spot in the Sawatch Range. The fall colors are already "lighting up" in the vicinity around Cottonwood Lake, a pristine, high altitude lake loctated five miles west of Buena Vista. I was so inspired by Jason's photos, that I traveled up the canyon toward the lake on Chaffee County Road 344. Adjacent was my first photo taken - a pretty colorful foliage scene along the dirt road.
Autumn Foliage The lingering rays of evening sunlight reflected perfectly on this cluster of trees.
Autumn Foliage

Fall Foliage

Without much direct sunlight, it was hard work to come up with decent photos.

Adjacent are two shots as I wandered around a large aspen grove. The photos don't do justice at showing just how bright and magical those bright yellow leaves looked in person!

We are not at the peak autumn foliage viewing season, as seen in the remaining green out there, but that day is surely coming! :)
Autumn Foliage

Fall Foliage

Three photos of the dirt road that travels up one of the lesser traveled canyons in the area.

Again, the lighting was the not the greatest, but I did my best.

Yours truly is standing out there in the third photo. ;)

Autumn Foliage Colorado is not particularly know to have much autumn colors in the shades or orange and red. Usually foliage is simply yellow, golden or peharps a slightly orange-shaded yellow. Hence, when I saw this small aspen on the side of the road in orange, I knew I needed to get out of the car and do my best to photograph it ...
Colorado Fall Foliage

Colorado Fall Foliage

TOP PHOTO: I included my car and that large ridge to give some perspective.

SECOND PHOTO: After some time, I walked behind the tree facing the road. I captured (what I think is) my best photo of the evening. Lots of color in our Rocky Mountains right now! :)

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, CO.

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