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Fall Foliage Near St. Elmo, Colorado (Photos - September 12, 2006)

Colorado Fall Foliage Today I drove into Chalk Creen Canyon in Chaffee County, Colorado and followed the road up the ghost town of St. Elmo. This area is not near its peak colors, but it is getting there. The colors near timberline way up on those mountains are definitely showing lots of autumn colors!
Mountain Stream Chalk Creek. At first glance, there is not much "autumn that grabs the eye," but upon second look, it definitely does not look like summer in that photo. I actually sat at this spot for maybe ten minutes to reflect and take in all of the natural beauty.
Fall Foliage It was much brighter in person. Perhaps I will visit this spot in another week or so. ;)
Aspens I spotted a large patch of yellow leaved aspens. I love this photo!
Colorado Autumn Foliage Colorado is not the greatest with its exhibition of fall colors, but the contrast the hillsides and mountains create are a treat for photographers!
Fall Foliage Along the road. (Poor lighting.)
Fall Foliage Ah, but the lighting for this photo was perfect!
Fall Foliage Just beautiful.
St. Elmo, Colorado Another view of the mountains.
Orange Foliage This one is for you if you have a love for orange foliage! :)
Orange Foliage Orange and yellow aspens on a mountainside.
St. Elmo, Colorado A photo of a few buildings in the foreground. St. Elmo (see more photos here) was once a busy mining town just a few miles west of the Continental Divide. When the mining industry flopped, much of the town did, but St. Elmo is considered noteworthy for there are approximately 40 to 50 original buildings remaining from its boom days in the late 1800's.

These pictures were provided by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site about his town is

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