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Autumn Leaves and Foliage

Autumn Colors.

Telluride, Colorado

Autumn Colors In The Mountains

Autumn Crops

Colorful Foliage

New Jersey Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage Colorado

Autumn Photos

Colorado Autumn Foliage

Yellow Aspens

Fire And Ice

Autumn Yard

Three Pumpkins

Cottonwood Lake

Snow & Autumn Leaves

Hoosier Pass Region

Orange & Green Leaves
Orange and Green Leaves

Birch Orange And Red
Orange and Red Foliage

Teller County, Colorado
Teller County, Colorado

Manitou Springs
Autumn In Manitou Springs, Colorado

Marshy Creek
Marshy Creek

Cottonwood Pass Road
Cottonwood Pass Road

Cottonwood Lake
Cottonwood Lake, Colorado

Bright Yellow Trees
Bright Yellow Trees

Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak

Turning Leaves In June?!
Colored Leaves

Orange Leaves
Shimmering Orange Leaves

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Fall Colors

On the first day of October, leaf peepers and fall foliage tours are happening in earnest around Colorado. Enjoy eight photos and two videos of beautiful fall colors.

View all: Fall Colors

Trees With Fall Leaves

Trees with colorful leaves. That's what this season is all about! Enjoy eight photos and two videos on a virtual fall foliage tour by Steve Garufi.

View all: Trees Fall Leaves

Beautiful Fall Colors

If you love aspen groves, with their shimmering yellow leaves, you will probably love some of these photos and videos. The leaf peeping is excellent right now. View all: Fall Colors

Autumn Foliage Season

Today I wandered inside scenic Chalk Creek Canyon in Chaffee County, Colorado. So many aspen groves are bright and filled with shimmering yellow leaves. Enjoy my five videos and four photos.

View all: Fall Foliage Season

Fall Colors Tour

Steve Garufi takes us along on another fall foliage tour in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Six photos and two videos capture pretty autumn scenery.

View all: Fall Colors Tour

Fall Foliage In The Mountains

Another wandering in the forest west of Buena Vista, Colorado. I came upon two aspen groves that have begun to change. The fall foliage season is still early, but I think you'll like my photos and videos nonetheless.

View all: Fall Foliage & Scenery

Autumn Leaves and Colors

Autumn Colors

10 photos and 2 videos of autumn leaves and fall colors in the San Isabel National Forest in Colorado.

View all photos: Autumn Leaves

Fall Images

Fall Images

11 photos of fall scenery taken at the Weller Campground near Aspen, Colorado. The aspen groves are bright with yellow and orange leaves throughout the area.

View photo gallery: Fall Images

Fall Leaves Tour

Beautiful fall leaves photographed on an October Saturday morning by Steve Garufi.

View photo gallery: Fall Leaves

Autumn Trees

Steve's early morning visit to autumn trees in the mountains lands him five excellent fall foliage photos.

View photo gallery: Autumn Trees

Fall Colors In The Rocky Mountains

Seven fall colors images in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

View photo gallery: Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves At Kenosha Pass

Autumn Leaves

Eight photos of colorful autumn leaves including aspen groves at Kenosha Pass, located 75 miles west of Denver, Colorado.

View photo gallery: Autumn Leaves

Beautiful Fall Scenery

Fall Scenery

I drove along a quiet dirt road in the mountains near Fairplay, Colorado. I captured various fall scenery photos and found a large aspen grove to relax in.

View photo gallery: Fall Scenery Photos

Fall Colors In A Mountain Ghost Town

The St. Elmo Ghost Town was once a bustling mining town in the early 20th century. The fall scenery was beautiful during our Saturday visit.

View the entire photo gallery here: St. Elmo Autumn Foliage Viewing

Morning Battle: Autumn Vs. Winter

Winter and autumn duked it out this morning in the Sawatch Range of Colorado. A layer of pretty white snow covered the ground which made the fall foliage viewing stand out. As it became warmer, fall won out but it was hardly convincing victory.

View entire photo gallery: Two Days of Fall Scenery

The Fall Foliage Viewing Season

Fall Foliage

I lucked out when I spotted this beautiful autumn color scene along the Arkansas River in Colorado. Over two evenings, I collected my best fall foliage photos for the latest update.

View entire photo gallery: Two Days of Autumn Foliage

Elegant And Peaceful Autumn Scenery

Saturday morning was enjoyed with a visit to an elegant and peaceful dirt road in Lost Canyon, Colorado. Plenty of stunning autumn folige exist among the large aspen groves beside the road.

View entire photo gallery: Fall Foliage In Lost Canyon, CO

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    Colorado Rocky Mountains

    Beautiful Aspen Grove

    Fall Foliage
    Pretty autumn scenery in the Rocky Mountains. Steve explored aspens groves near his home two times in one day and offered his six best fall foliage photos ... View Photos

    Early Autumn Photos 2009
    It is that time of the year! The autumn color show begins early in the highest regions of Colorado's Rocky Mountains ... View Photos

    Autumn In Wisconsin
    Photos of fall foliage in north central Wisconsin near Timms Hill, the state's high point ... View Photos

    October Fall Foliage
    Some nifty fall colors in Chalk Creek Canyon. The highlight was standing in a huge aspen grove and looking up with camera ... View Photos

    Around Aspen, Colorado
    Elana and I spent the day wandering around Aspen, Colorado and enjoyed some great fall foliage ... View Photos

    Pretty Autumn Road
    This particular photo of a quiet dirt road has received some of the most positive feedback among friends ... View Photo

    Countryside Fall Foliage
    I ventured along an area leading to Monarch Pass and came up with some decent fall foliage photos ... View Photos

    October 2nd Foliage
    October Foliage Bright yellow aspens, a colorful mountain stream and cottonwoods along Mt. Princeton make today's photos ... View Photos

    This Morning's Fall Foliage
    Fall Foliage in Colorado Enjoy this morning's fall foliage of bright aspens in Colorado. The "ground foliage" shot is pretty nice too ... View Photos

    Sunny September Day
    Autumn Foliage A midday drive in Colorado's mountains offering some great opportunities for fall foliage viewing ... View Photos

    "Fire And Ice" Foliage Tour
    Independence Pass Foliage This morning I visited a pristine area that enjoyed beautiful fall colors and a snowstorm at the same time ... View Photos

    Autumn Is Coming Along!
    Colorado Fall Foliage The fall foliage show is coming along quite nicely as seen from these two adventures ... View Photos

    Monarch Pass Region
    Autumn Photos Fall colors are really showing near the Continental Divide in Colorado's Monarch Pass region ... View Photos

    Autumn Snowstorm Adventure
    Autumn Photos I merely wanted to capture some fall foliage (and did), but not before getting caught up in a snowstorm ... View Photos

    Lots Of Orange Foliage
    Rocky Mountain Fall Foliage There was a lot of orange foliage to view near the quaint ghost town of St. Elmo, Colorado ... View Photos

    A Walk In The Mountains
    Autumn Foliage I went for a walk on the Denny Creek Trail in Colorado and here are my fall foliage photos for the day ... View Photos

    Rocky Mountain Foliage
    Autumn Photos The Rocky Mountains are beginning to show some really beautiful autumn colors. Here are some photos from September 9-10 ... View Photos

    Late August Fall Colors
    Autumn Colors Autumn is starting to show some color in Colorado's high country, even though it's late August ... View Photos

    Golden & Yellow Aspens
    Beautiful shimmering aspens in shades of yellow and gold were the highlight of this autumn viewing excursion ... View Photos

    Colorful Colorado Jeep Road
    Aspens A jeep road in Colorado's high country displays some beautiful autumn colors on the tail end of the viewing season ... View Picture

    One Last Remaining Aspen!
    Fall Colors Steve in Colorado submitted this photo of "one last remaining aspen" that was showing off some fall colors ... View Picture

    Fall Foliage Near Bonanza, CO
    Fall Foliage The region near Villa Grove and Bonanza, Colorado in Saguache County has some great spots for fall foliage viewing ... View Pictures

    Orange Leaves Macrophotography
    Fall Foliage Kelly Comstock is a photographer with an impressive collection of fall foliage photos. She submitted a shot of bright orange leaves ... Read More

    Autumn Berries In Norway
    Berries Tonje in Norway displays two of her photos of berries with colorful red leaves that she found in the northern country ... View Pictures

    Fall Foliage In Wilkerson Pass
    Wilkerson Pass Wilkerson Pass offers beautiful views of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, but for about one month of the year, its large aspen groves light up in beautiful fall colors ... View Pictures

    Beautiful Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves Enjoy this picture collection of autumn leaves in Colorado. The fiery orange and red shades of this particular leaf caught the eye of ... View Pictures

    Photo Collection Of Pumpkins
    Pumpkin Pictures Beautiful pumpkins! There's something about wandering through a colorful pumpkin patch filled with all different shades of oranges ... View Pictures

    New Hampshire Foliage
    New Hampshire Fall Foliage Linda Difino shows off some of her nicer New Hampshire fall foliage pictures. Northern New England is a wonderful place for ... View Pictures

    Colorado's Aspens
    Fall Foliage This picture collection displays bright and colorful aspens taken at their respective peak season throughout central Colorado ... View Pictures

    Vicksburg & Winfield
    Vicksburg and Winfield were once bustling mining towns in the late 1800's. These "ghost towns" have been largely abandoned and I captured some great fall foliage shots ... View Pictures

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