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Golden Aspen Leaves in Colorado

Colorado Fall Foliage

The fall foliage season has begun in earnest in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Today I explored Lost Canyon Road where there was plenty of colorful aspen leaves.

Aspens in Chalk Creek Canyon

Colorado Fall Foliage

An outing in Chalk Creek Canyon in Chaffee County, Colorado provided me with stunning aspen groves ablaze in gold.

View images: Fall Foliage in Chaffee County, CO

The Fall Foliage Viewing Season

Fall Foliage

I lucked out when I spotted this beautiful autumn color scene along the Arkansas River in Colorado. Over two evenings, I collected my best fall foliage photos for the latest update.

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Autumn Leaves and Colors

Autumn Colors

10 photos and 2 videos of autumn leaves and fall colors in the San Isabel National Forest in Colorado.

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"Fire and Ice" - Snow and Autumn Leaves

Colorado Fall Colors

A combination of recent snowfall and vibrant fall colors along Highway 82 in the Twin Lakes and Independence Pass region of Colorado.

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Fall Colors In A Mountain Ghost Town

The St. Elmo Ghost Town was once a bustling mining town in the early 20th century. The fall scenery was beautiful during our Saturday visit.

View the entire photo gallery here: St. Elmo Autumn Foliage Viewing

Morning Battle: Autumn Vs. Winter

Fall Foliage

Winter and autumn duked it out this morning in the Sawatch Range of Colorado. A layer of pretty white snow covered the ground which made the fall foliage viewing stand out. As it became warmer, fall won out but it was hardly a convincing victory.

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Aspens Ablaze In Fall Colors

Fall Colors Colorado

Steve Garufi explored the aspen groves in South Cottonwood Canyon in Chaffee County, Colorado. One spot was ablaze with fall colors.

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Autumn Colors

Fall Aspen Leaves

Colorado Rocky Mountains

Beautiful Aspen Grove

Fall Bicycle Tour
A bicycle ride in Chaffee County turned into a fall colors tour. Steve Garufi snapped images of mountain scenes with signs of fall all around. Enjoy his two videos as well ... View Photos

Rocky Mountain Fall Foliage
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Fall Driving Tour
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Autumn In Wisconsin
Photos of fall foliage in north central Wisconsin near Timms Hill, the state's high point. My visit came at the perfect time, as groves were filled with yellow, orange and red leaves ... View Photos

Aspen, Colorado
Elana and I wandered around Aspen, Colorado and to enjoy the fall foliage. We also got pretty shots at the Maroon Bells and Highway 82 near Independence Pass ... View Photos

Pretty Autumn Road
An image a peaceful road outside of St. Elmo, Colorado has gotten a lot of positive feedback among friends. Does it conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings about the fall season? View Photo

Morning Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage in Colorado Enjoy this morning's fall foliage in Colorado. The ground foliage, an image by a creek and bright aspen groves caught my eye ... View Photos

Sunny September Day
Autumn Foliage Three dazzling images from a midday drive in Colorado's mountains. You can beat the scenery during the fall season between Buena Vista and Taylor Park Reservoir ... View Photos

Autumn Is The Rockies
Colorado Fall Foliage The fall foliage is coming along nicely as seen from these two outing on Chaffee County Road 306 in the Sawatch Range of Colorado ... View Photos

Monarch Pass Region
Autumn Photos The fall colors are really showing near the Continental Divide on the east side of Monarch Pass. Poncha Springs is the nearest major town in this area ... View Photos

Golden & Yellow Aspens
Beautiful shimmering aspens in shades of yellow and gold were the highlight of this autumn photography excursion. The site was Cottonwood Lake, a high elevation lake in South Cottonwood Canyon ... View Photos

Fall Foliage In Wilkerson Pass
Wilkerson Pass Wilkerson Pass offers beautiful views of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, but for about one month of the year, its large aspen groves light up in beautiful fall colors ... View Pictures

Colorado's Aspens
Fall Foliage This picture collection displays bright and colorful aspens taken at their respective peak season throughout central Colorado ... View Pictures

Vicksburg & Winfield
Vicksburg and Winfield were once bustling mining towns in the late 1800's. These "ghost towns" have been largely abandoned and I captured some great fall foliage shots ... View Pictures

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